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    Generic Name Brand Name Therapeutic Category Therapeutic Sub     category
Amikacin sulphate injection USP 250 mg/ml, 2ml SWANAmika 250 Anti bacterials Anti bacterials
Gentamicin injection BP 40 mg/ml, 2 ml SWANGenta Anti bacterials Anti bacterials
Nitrofurantoin tablets 50 mg Nitrofurantoin Tablets 50 mg Anti bacterials Anti bacterials
Cycloserine capsules USP 250mg SWANCyclo Anti bacterials Anti TB
Rifabutin capsules USP 150 mg SWANButin Anti bacterials Anti TB
Clindamycin Hydrochloride capsules USP 150 mg SWANClinda 150 Anti bacterials Linocasamide antibiotic
Azithromycin Oral suspension USP Aziright DS Anti bacterials macrolides
Azithromycin tablets 250/500 mg SWANZi 250/500 Anti bacterials macrolides
Clarithromycin tablets USP 250/500 mg SWANCla-250/500 Anti bacterials macrolides
Ciprofloxacin tablets USP 250/500 mg SWANCipro 250/500 Anti bacterials Quinolones
Moxifloxacin tablets 400mg Moxiquin Anti bacterials Quinolones
Norfloxacin tablets BP 400 mg Norfloxacin tablets BP 400 mg Anti bacterials Quinolones
Ornidazole and ofloxacion tablets - Anti bacterials Anti backterials
imepenem and cilastin injection SWANCilime Anti bacterials Beta lactam
Tazobactam and piperacillin injectin 2.25/4.5gm SWANTazo 2.25/4.5 Anti bacterials Beta lactam
Cefipime for injecton 1/2 gm SWANTpim 1/2 Anti bacterials Cephalosporin
Cefoperazone and Sulbactam injection
1000/1000/ (500/500)
SWANSulcefo 2/1 Anti bacterials Cephalosporin
Ceftriaxone For injection 1 gm - Anti backterial Cephalosporin
Cefuroxime for injection 750 mg SWANCefuo Anti bacterials Cephalosporin
Clarithromycin suspension 125 / 250mg /5ml SWANCla DS 125/250 Anti bacterials Macrolides
Meropenem for injection 500/1000 mg SWANMero 500/1000 Anti bacterials Penems

About Swan International

Swan International is a young company engaged in the development, registration, manufacture and marketing of Pharmaceutical products in Asia, CIS, Eastern Europe and Africa countries. Our commitment is to bring innovative products at affordabale prices to serve community in best possible way.

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