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   Generic Name Brand Name Therapeutic category     Therapeutic Sub     category
Lidocaine and Adrenaline Injection BP (cartridges) SWANLido A CNS Anaesthesia
Lodocaine injection BP 1% / 2% SWANLido 1% / 2% CNS Anaesthesia
Midazolam Injection BP 15mg/ 3ml Midazolom Injection BP
15 mg/ 3ml
CNS Anaesthesia
Pancuronium Injection BP Pancuronium Injection BP CNS Anaesthesia
Clomipramine tablets 25/50 mg SWANClomi 25/50 CNS Anti Anxiety
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride injection USP 50mg/ml, 1ml SWANZin CNS Anti Anxiety
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Oral solution USP SWANZin CNS Anti Anxiety
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride tablet USP 10mg SWANZin CNS Anti Anxiety
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride tablets USP 25 mg SWANZin 25 CNS Anti Anxiety
Gabapentin capsules 300/400 mg Swaga CNS Anti Convulsant
Topiramate tablets 25/50/100 mg SWANTopi 25/50/100 CNS Anti Convulsant
Fluoxetin ODT tablet 10 mg Swaxetin CNS Anti Depressant
Fluoxetin capsules USP 20 mg SWAxetin CNS Anti Depressant
Sertraline Hydrochloride tablets USP 50/100 mg SWANSertra 50/100 CNS Anti Depressant
Pregabaline capsules 75/150/300 mg - CNS Anti Epileptic
Pimozide tablets BP 4 mg SWANPimo 4 CNS Anti Psychotic
Risperidone tablets 2 mg Risperidone tablets 2 mg CNS Anti Psychotic
Zolpiderm tablets 10 mg Zolpinova CNS Anxiety Disorders
Citichlone Injection 250 mg/ml SWANCiti CNS Cerebrovascular
Citichlone tablets 500 mg SWANCiti CNS Cerebrovascular
Zopiclone tablets 7.5 mg Zopiclone tablets 7.5 mg CNS Hypnotic
Dimenhydrinate tablets 50mg Dimenhydrinate tablets
50 mg
CNS Motion sickness
Bupivacaine Hydrochloride Injection USP 0.5% SWANBupi 0.5% CNS Spinal anaesthrsia
Bupivacaine Hydrochloride and Dextrose Injection USP SWANCardo-200 CNS Spinal anaesthesia
Betahistine tablets 16/24 mg Betahistine tablets
16/24 mg
CNS Vertigo

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Swan International is a young company engaged in the development, registration, manufacture and marketing of Pharmaceutical products in Asia, CIS, Eastern Europe and Africa countries. Our commitment is to bring innovative products at affordabale prices to serve community in best possible way.

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